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Component 1. Education to Work Transition Innovation Grant Facility

The MOEHE, through the Tertiary Education Project, supported by the World Bank and the European Community, in 2005 established the QIF with the objective of assisting TEIs (i) to make their study programs more relevant to the needs of the job market and economic development of Palestine, and more competitive with international standards; and (ii) to increase their capacity to develop income generating programs. Through QIF, the MOEHE set up a competitive system of grants to promote and finance innovative projects prepared by West Bank and Gaza TEIs that were aligned with the above objectives.

The Project builds on the successful experience of the QIF competitive grant system mechanism. It will promote long-lasting partnerships between TEIs and employers aimed at developing and implementing work-integrated learning schemes that strengthen the connection between classroom learning and the requirements of the workplace, and contribute to the development of attitudes and capabilities that make graduates more employable. The grants will finance the implementation of TEIs/business partnership programs that (i) provide students with practical training, and (ii) improve the quality and relevance of the curriculum and teaching practices. QIF will invite TEIs to partner with employers to develop and implement these grants.

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